Research into detox plans tell us that long-term ones are more effective than doing it for the short-term. However, detoxing doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to liquids and starving yourself from solid foods for a week. Detoxing your body over a longer period of time increases the positive effects on your organs and it isn’t actually that hard to do – so long as you know what to do!

Water is crucial for recovery and flushing toxins from your body

Water takes up over half of your body weight and it is responsible for all of the organs, cells, and processes that your body goes through. So simply drinking plenty of water throughout the day is already a great step towards detoxing your body. Tip: Try to drink as much water as possible upon waking to ensure your body is hydrated from a night of no fluids.

Keeping your lymphatic system healthy helps to cleanse the body more efficiently

Your lymphatic system involves a bunch of nodes working together in your body to get rid of lymph before it makes its way into the bloodstream and starts to cause problems. It’s a system that expels waste and toxins, meaning that keeping it healthy is vital for detoxing your body.

Some methods of ensuring a good lymph flow include dry brushing, where you rub a special brush across your skin, or rebounding (the fun one). This involves some type of physical activity, such as jumping on a trampoline or going for a swim.

Bone broth is a nutrient dense meal that you need for a successful detox

This meal is packed full of nutrients and minerals, namely magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and amino acids. These all help to boost your immune system and keep your digestive system running smoothly to make sure toxins are efficiently expelled.

Herbs are amazing for healing your body and keeping you healthy

Plants contain incredible healing properties which can help to alleviate symptoms of health conditions. However, during a detox, you want to aim to use herbs to prevent any problems by consuming them enough to cleanse your body. Some of the most cleansing herbs include garlic, turmeric, borotutu bark, milk thistle, and peppermint.

Oil pulling is an easy way to thoroughly cleanse the gums and mouth

Grabbing a teaspoon of oil (coconut, sesame, or sunflower) and swirling it around your mouth for approximately 20 minutes before spitting it out draws out toxins and waste from your mouth. A lot of toxins and bacteria can grow in your mouth, so oil pulling will stop it from ever becoming a health issue.

Foam rolling releases toxins from sore muscles

Stiff muscles are something many people are cursed with nowadays due to the changes in lifestyle, such as being hunched over a laptop typing all day, or staring down at smartphones. However, this often causes toxins and lactic acid to build up which isn’t great for your health.

Foam rolling is a simple, but effective cure for tight muscles and it gets rid of those unwanted waste products to prevent them from lingering and causing any problems.

Detoxing your body isn’t as tough as it seems!

If you truly want to boost your health and prevent having to deal with numerous health conditions, then try implementing some of these simple detoxification tips into your everyday life. The above tips will keep your system functioning optimally and ensure you are staying in the best shape possible!