Everyone’s beauty routine is different, since we all have different types of skin, hair and we lead unique lifestyles. However, there are a few universal beauty tips that will make a difference for all of us. Therefore, be sure to check some of the essential tips and tricks that’ll help you get that flawless skin, shiny hair and drop-dead gorgeous look.

Apply makeup in the right order

You’ve probably gotten used to applying a foundation and under eye corrector first, and head to the eyes, cheeks and lips later. However, if you plan to do a heavy eye makeup, make sure you apply the foundation afterwards. Dark eyeshadows, as well as those with plenty of shimmer or glitter will end up on your cheekbones or your under eyes, which will only require you to re-apply your foundation. Therefore, do the eyes first, use makeup remover to clean the rest of the face, and then continue with the primer, foundation and the rest of your makeup routine.

Make your perfume last longer

Sometimes, no matter how high a quality your perfume is, you may not be able to smell it through an entire day. This is especially true if you are on the move a lot, and spend plenty of time in stifling rooms, with the people who smoke. The amalgamation of unpleasant aromas can completely muffle your perfume, so if you’re about to meet an important client or go on a date after a long day, spray some of your perfume on a few strategic places. Spritz it in your hair, behind the ears, on the inside of your elbows, behind your knees, and on the inside of your wrists to make it last all day.

Red lipstick for gorgeous smile

Not only is the classic red lipstick the best makeup addition for a sexy look, but it’s also one of the best ways to emphasize your pearly white smile. Rimmel’s Kate Lipstick in shade #5 is the perfect example of a blue undertone rouge that’ll immediately make your teeth look whiter. However, regular checkups with the dentist have much more to do with your flawless smile than makeup ever will. So, in order to always have a pearly-white smile, make sure you turn to your cosmetic dentist in Sydney for any problem you may face, to always have a pearly white smile.

Green tea is a lifesaver

You have probably heard that green tea is one of the best detoxifiers, but did you know it can remove those nasty dark circles around your eyes? If you’ve noticed swelling and stiffening in your skin, just place cooled green tea bags over your closed eyes and leave them on for a couple of minutes every day. After just a few treatments, you’ll notice that the dark circles are almost completely gone.

Coconut oil for gorgeous locks

No matter how much time you spend applying your make-up, it’ll all be in vain unless your hair is flawless. Therefore, apply some coconut oil to your hair to make sure you always have gorgeous locks. Massage it for ten minutes before you shampoo it, and all the damage from those curling irons, and flat irons will be long gone.

Drink plenty of water

Hydration is paramount for glowing skin and glossy hair. Therefore, it’s essential that you drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day, to keep the skin plump. Furthermore, drinking enough water will help you release all the toxins from your body, and help you keep your weight balanced.

Final thoughts

From appropriate makeup application through perfume hacks and to hydration, there are so many beauty tips that will instantly improve your look. No matter the lifestyle you lead, these beauty tips will certainly change your life for the better.