1. Each failure is an incredible lesson in disguise

Sometimes you can do something correctly but still end up failing. Other times, it could just be that you did something wrong. But instead of seeing the failures as a defeats, see them for what they can be: lessons in disguise. It is all just a matter of perspective.

2. Pre-planning is better than no action. In fact, preplanning IS a form of action

Pre-planning can save you a lot of energy, time, minimize risks and is the gateway to better outcomes as you move forward. Set goals for what you want to accomplish every three months. Plan for a day or two. This might appear to be overkill when it comes to planning, but it can increase your productivity when time comes to execute your plan.

3. People will try to convince you not to accomplish your dreams because they can’t see themselves doing it

There are some people who will try to make you feel inept, stupid and wrong when you try to accomplish your dreams. These people are toxic. Even though you know how wrong they are, it can still hurt, especially when they are a family member or close friend. You need to avoid such people or tell them to leave you alone.

4. What you do matters in the end. It doesn’t matter if you start out lazy

When we try to change our habit and achieve our goals, our biological impulse is to save energy whenever we can. So we are always in a continuous battle with this impulse. High performers are simply people who have made a choice to fight this impulse to be lazy at every turn; more than the average person does.

5. You can always work a little more harder than you are now

The simple truth is that you aren’t working as hard as you think. Despite how much hard work you think you are putting in, you could actually be doing more. This doesn’t mean that you should overwork yourself, it just means that there’s always an opportunity to be productive and you should always look for it.

6. Notice that there is a big difference between working hard and working efficiently

It doesn’t matter if you work your ass off when you are doing it inefficiently. You need to find a way to work in a more balanced and smart way, and you can be as productive without working your ass off so much.

One way to do this is by being more self-aware. Just by noticing every time you need a break, you can return to the work later on, feeling refreshed, clear-headed and ready to do more work than if you had just worked the entire time.