Regular breast massage not only creates more perky breasts, it also helps prevent breast cancer, clear toxins from breast tissue, and release powerful anti-aging hormones. Read below more about these amazing benefits!


Massaging your breasts improves blood circulation and stretches out breast tissues making them appear bigger. Also, according to Honey Colony, “when the breast tissue is stimulated by educated massage, the body secretes the hormone prolactin which slightly enlarges the breasts. Many women love this perk.”


Nipple stimulation helps expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts. According to Independent:

“Nipple stimulation promotes the production of a useful female hormone which encourages cells to expel cancer-causing chemicals from breast ducts, it was said yesterday by Professor Tim Murrell, of the Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide.”


Honey Colony also explains that regular breast massage can make you look younger by releasing anti-aging hormones.

“Breast Massage stimulates the endocrine system to secrete a powerful cocktail of youthful hormones. Prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen are three powerhouse anti-aging hormones known to be produced during breast massage. Many women take pharmaceutical hormones to stay young. With skilled breast massage, your own body will be your anti-aging pharmacy!”


Gentle rubbing helps release tension on breast tissues. According to Live Strong:

“Breast massage is also a good healing technique for aching breasts. Because it employs a soft, gentle touch, breast massage can be quite therapeutic. According to the Ayurvedic Cure website, “Simply rubbing an area can have a demonstrable analgesic effect.” Massage eases soreness in the tissues, reduces pain and swelling in the breasts and relaxes tightness or tension in the ligaments. Breast massage is particularly useful in soothing the pain associated with breast scarring.”


  • Apply organic breast balms to improve circulation and relax breast tissue. Wild Thera Breast Massage Balm is a 100% natural, organic and non-GMO herbal rub that improves circulation, lactation and relaxes breast tissue. The citrus scent creates a joyful and positive mood allowing you to be positive during your massage.
  • Massage with aloe vera gel to firm up breasts. According to David Wolfe: “all you have to do is massage your breasts with aloe vera gel, leave it on for ten minutes, and then wash. Do this 4 to 5 times a week and the aloe will naturally strengthen your skin. You can also massage your breasts with coconut oil or cacao butter 2 to 3 times a week.”
  • Massage in circular motions for maximum results. Start from the outer circle using firm pressure with your palms. Follow the contours of your breasts and move towards the core. Repeat about 20 times.