There are specific brain cells that are responsible for empathy

An empathetic person is someone who is able to genuinely understand the emotions that another person is going through. There is now research to support exactly why some people are more empathetic than others, and it comes down to certain cells within the brain.

Everyone has these cells, but the more empathetic you are, the more of these cells you have

Researchers have zeroed in on these cells and discovered that they are responsible for giving all of us the ability to feel emotions of happiness, fear, or pain for another person. They believe that empaths have hyper-sensitive cells known as mirror neurons which are what makes them feel more compassion for someone else’s emotions.

There are certain signs that someone is an empath

Looking out for certain traits within people will let you know if they are an empath. It will even help you discover whether or not you are too!

Empaths hide their own emotions from others

Since they are so concerned about other people’s feelings, the often play theirs down in order to stay strong for that person. They also hate being fussed over, they’d rather focus their attention on helping others first.

Highly empathetic people soak in emotions from their environment

If you begin to feel down, it’s very likely that any empaths around you will also start to feel the same way. This is what enables them to “feel the pain” of other people so deeply.

Empaths are usually very introverted people

They know more about how to deal with the emotions of other people than their own. Sometimes this leaves them wanting to be alone more often to ensure their emotions don’t get in the way of people’s lives.

Spending time with nature is a major sign of an empath

Empaths take every chance they get to be outside, enjoying nature. It’s something that restores their energy after being bogged down with the negative ones that they’ve taken on from other people.

Being extremely good at reading people is a common ability among empaths

Empaths can tell if someone is lying very easily. They can also see right through the barriers that people put up for themselves to hide their true selves or intentions. This is something that empaths do as well, so spotting it in others is light work for them.

Empaths often put themselves under a lot of emotional trauma

Instead of looking after their own emotions, they put the wellbeing of others ahead of theirs. This can actually cause some serious problems, especially if they bottle up the emotions for long periods of time.

People who make decisions by following their gut are likely to be empaths

Highly empathetic people have incredible instincts and often follow their gut in big decisions. They tend to be more in tune with the universe and can pick up on vibes more heavily than the average person.

Becoming overwhelmed with stress and emotions is common among empaths

Since their days are full of taking on other people’s emotions, it ends up taking its toll on them. This often happens when they want to try and help as many people as possible, buy sometimes it’s too much and it can negatively impact their health.

Empaths are easy prey for manipulative people

If someone notices that you are genuinely trying to help them, they will often spin the situation to their advantage and use you. Since empathetic people tend to see the best in people, it can cloud their judgement in these situations.

Being loyal lovers and great friends are in the DNA of empaths

They have a deep passion for the special people in their lives and have a positive outlook on society as a whole. Empaths are considered to be some of the best people who could have in your life.

If you notice these above signs in anyone you know, just remember that, every now and then, they’ll need some taking care of too. Even if they don’t want it.