Foot detox works by drawing toxins out of the body through your feet. Originated in Asia, it’s an ancient healing method based on the theory of reflexology that zones on the feet are linked to other parts of the body.
Detox Foot Pads™ harness the unique power of reflexology to access 60 acupuncture points, naturally promoting powerful detox to strengthen your body.
“Traditional Chinese medicine believes the body sends toxins as far away from the body from you heart as it can such as your lower legs and feet where acupressure points in your feet connect to corresponding body parts.” (source)

Reflexology has been practiced since 4,500 years ago mainly in China, Korea, Japan and Egypt. It first came to the U.S. in the 20th century, and now it’s very popular worldwide as it’s an economic way to feel healthy and relax.

Chinese people have practiced herb infused foot baths for centuries to stimulate reflex points improving circulation and energy.  Applying detox foot pads while sleeping is also a common way of foot detox. Foot pads aid your body in toxic metal cleansing and improve sleep quality.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the feet are seen as the “second heart” and a mirror of your internal health. “The burden placed on the feet is said to lead to poor circulation, sometimes reflected in cold hands and feet. The warmth of foot soaking and the soothing manipulation of the feet improve circulation and energy, resulting in better circulation to organs.” (source)


Jim started using detox pads on his feet to fight a yeast overgrowth in his body. When he slowly peeled off the pads after the first time he used them, the pads looked like hard white rock in the center. The white color often indicates yeast and the detox of the lymph system. “I have an overgrowth of yeast in my body and i really feel like the detox pads helped pull out unwanted toxins. I have enjoyed using these detox pads and will continue to use them.”

He also saw the pads were black on the edges which means toxins were pulled from the liver. No wonder his foot detox is giving him a burst of energy every morning. “The first night i used them, i woke up full of energy (which is unusual for me).”

Brandi has an office job and wears heels all day. She’s always tired and suffers from morning brain fog too. One day she decided to try the detox foot pads. She applied them on the bottom of her feet before going to bed. The next morning, the pads were completely black. Brandi also felt an immediate change in her body. “I woke right up energized and not with a normal morning fog.”

Deanne has Lyme disease which causes severe pain in her feet. Her doctor suggested epsom salt foot baths to help with detoxing. Deanne added epsom salt infused with tea tree oil to a basin of warm water. The foot bath was so soothing and the tea tree oil scent was relaxing. She can’t wait to see the wonders of foot baths on her lyme disease as well as her toe nail fungus.


Detox is your body’s natural process to remove toxins through kidneys, colon, and sweat glands in your skin. The toxins enter your body via the water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you eat. Sadly, your body cannot always get rid of waste on a timely manner which causes fluid retention, bloating, puffiness, fatigue, and inflammation. One easy way to enhance your body’s detoxing abilities is detoxing through your feet.


The bottoms of your feet have the largest pores in your body allowing detox pads to quickly draw circulating toxins. Detox Patches Australia explains that “toxins come mainly from food, air, water & personal care products. Your body sends toxins to your lower extremities (your feet & legs), where they collect & build up over time. Detox Patches stimulate the 60 acupuncture points on your feet, which safely draw out these toxins from your body in a safe, non-intrusive way.”

Detox Foot Pads™ harness the unique power of reflexology to access 60 acupuncture points, naturally promoting powerful detox to strengthen your body.

Also, according to David Wolfe, every nerve line in your body ends in 

your feet making it the ideal location to clean out toxins through sweat. “Reflexologists believe that areas on the feet correspond to the body’s organs and systems. The left foot corresponds to the lef

t side of the body and all of the organs and valves while the right foot corresponds to the right side of the body. For example, since the liver is on the right side of the body, its reflex point is found on the right foot.”


It’s important you look for organic detox foot pads made from all-natural, organic ingredients. These ones contain bamboo vinegar which helps discharge waste from the body. They also have zeolite, which is proven to detoxify metals in the body, and wood vinegar to support blood circulation.Detox Foot Pads™ harness the unique power of reflexology to access 60 acupuncture points, naturally promoting powerful detox to strengthen your body.

How to use it: Apply one Detox Foot Pad to the sole of each foot before bed, every night or every other night to aid your body in chemical and toxic metal cleansing. In the mornings, you’ll see the results of the toxins that were drawn from your body while you slept. Simply peel off the foot pads to see that they’re discolored, dark brown, hard and bumpy, yellow, or gray in color, with the toxins they’ve collected. After repeated nig

htly applications, depending on your body, you may see that when you remove the pads, they’re not as discolored; this is a clear indication that your toxin load is being reduced.

One user says: “I have had a desk job for 26 years & I don’t feel like the circulation is that great in my feet. A night time treat for my body is to soak my feet alternating with cold water & hot water with Epson salts. The I use my chi machine for 10 minutes and then put the detox pads on my heels and go to bed. It is relaxing & helps me get to sleep easier. In the morning they are funky. I can tell the difference. My feet & legs feel lighter.”


Detox foot baths often contain epsom salts, essential oils, and herbs not only to remove toxins from the body, but also to ease pain, swelling and infections in the feet.

This therapeutic foot soak is a powerful blend of Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, Tea Tree Oil and 6 additional essential oils which are widely renowned for their ability to fight fungus and bacteria related irritations.

Ashley, an Amazon customer, says: “First, this tea tree oil smells fantastic. I don’t like strongly scented things, but this wasn’t overpowering. I finally used this last night after going on a 5+ mile hike in the morning and working out on the elliptical for an hour in the afternoon. my feet should have been hurting today. This soaked help a LOT with the soreness. Bonus: my feet smelled really nice afterwards. I’d definitely recommend this.”