There’s nothing better than the hot, lazy days of summer. The beach, the ocean, the colourful cocktails and summer parties, and that’s usually when we get vacation time. What could be more exciting? As we eagerly wait for summer to arrive, there’s just one thing that might be making us anxious. How’s our skin going to handle it? The heat definitely feels lovely, but it’s not exactly safe for us. If you want to find out how to protect yourself and enjoy summer freely, read on for a few tips that will help you do just that.

The importance of sunscreen

This should go without saying, but for some reason people are convinced that they need sunscreen only if they’re out at the beach, getting their tans. In truth, you need to wear sun screen even in winter, but it’s especially important in summer. Even if you have the kind of skin that never burns, you are still at risk of developing sun spots, wrinkles, and even cancer if you don’t protect yourself the way you should. Your need sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, so simply make it a part of your daily routine to apply it. As summer approaches you will need to up the SPF slowly and start wearing sunglasses and wide brimmed hats because the sun will become brighter.

Different skincare routine

In addition to adding sunscreen, there are a couple of other things that you might want to consider. If you want your skin to look smooth, firm and radiant, your skincare routine needs to be adjusted accordingly. To make yourself ready start in spring and slowly change your habits. First, it’s time to find a good scrub and use it weekly so you can start getting rid of all those dead skin cells and piled up dirt. For example, Dermalogica skincare products have excellent body and face exfoliants, so you can smooth your skin. You will also need a lighter moisturizer. Try something that’s water-based, because heavier creams make your face look greasy as the seasons change and weather becomes warm. You probably don’t want your forehead to have that oily shine.

For dry knees and elbows you can use petroleum jelly and leave it overnight, and to make sure your feet are ready for sandals soak them in warm water with some bath salts and essential oils. Leave for about ten minutes, and then use a foot file if you have cracked heels. Rub in a creamy lotion and let it dry before you put your socks back on.

Dealing with skin flaws

Summer is great largely because we don’t have to wear twenty-five layers of clothing to keep warm. However, this means that our skin is left exposed, so it’s a lot harder to hide any flaws. If you struggle with cellulite and you’re longing to wear short skirts and tiny shorts, then it’s time to hit the gym. The dimpled, lumpy flesh can give us major insecurity, but you should know that about three quarters of all women deal with at least mild form of cellulite. Laser and radiofrequency treatments are the only thing that can get rid of it completely, but they are expensive. You can, however, largely help it along through exercise and proper diet. Working out will help keep your skin firm, and if you combine it with this DIY coffee scrub you can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Anti-cellulite creams can help as well, but keep in mind that they won’t solve the issue completely.

Another problem that creates anxiety is acne, especially if you have it all over your chest, back and arms. How can you wear anything other than a turtle neck sweater with skin that’s full of angry pustules and cysts? Acne on your body is harder to treat, but entirely possible. Shower every day, especially after workouts and wash your clothes frequently too. Use a benzoyl peroxide lotion, but consult your dermatologist first. If your acne is severe, your doctor might prescribe an oral or a topical antibiotic to go along with it.

If you enjoy the heat of summer you have something to look forward to. Treat yourself to a nice manicure and start preparing your skin so you can have it glowing by the time the hot days arrive.