From harmless sleepover to waking up screaming and crying – the Nickolas Conrad story

Nickolas Conrad, a 15-year old, got invited to his friend’s sleepover with the expectation of having some fun. He didn’t expect a horrible pain in his neck will be waking him up that night.

The pain came without warning, leaving Nicholas wondering what it was exactly. He said he just immediately started crying and screaming after the pain in his neck woke him up from his peaceful slumber. He described it as the worst pain of his life.

Turns out his friends decided to play a very popular internet prank on him

Nicholas was the victim of the “hot water challenge,” where someone throws boiling water on an unsuspecting victim or drinks the hot water themselves. Turns out his friends had planned to dump hot water on him as he slept. He suffered first-degree and second-degree burns.

Why would anyone do that and still call themselves a friend? Nicholas is done with them

Nicholas spoke about the fellow classmates who burned him. He said those boys aren’t and will never be his friends.

Even the boy’s mother, Mickey, felt anger at what her son and his other friends had done. At first, she thought it was just an accident. But upon further investigation, she found out it was a prank and was very concerned. She urges all parents to educate their children and to never think they can never do this kind of thing.

The adults who were at the sleepover were all asleep when the incident happened and no charges have been made against the boys.

Many kids are now taking the “hot water challenge” very seriously. Here is how to make sure your kid is safe

You can prepare your kids so that they are always safe when they go out in the and not fear something like this can happen to them. Follow these tips:

  • Speak to them about the dangers of peer pressure and how to stay away from situations that make them uncomfortable or are just wrong
  • Monitor how they use the internet and watch out for any signs of harm i.e challenges that put them and others in danger, like the “hot water challenge”
  • Get yourself familiar with the children your child hangs with and their family
  • To minimize unfortunate scenarios in future and to make your child feel safe about confiding in you about anything, don’t judge them

We can’t always have our kids in sight, even though that is what we really want. The best we can do is be there for them when they need us and provide them with enough tools to look after themselves when they are out in the world.