Visiting your parents and grandparents more often can lower their chances of death!

Studies show us that people who are 60 years and older, who feel lonely, experience a decline in their mobility and health. This leads to a higher chance of them dying earlier. This research supports the idea that psychological factors, such as loneliness, can cause disability and even death.

Having a positive relationship with your mom is hugely beneficial

Children in fifth and sixth grade were involved in a study where it was found that those who had a tighter relationship with their mom had more friends and felt less lonely in comparison to those whose bond with their mom wasn’t as close. A negative relationship with parents cause stress and irritation to become the primary thoughts in the child’s mind.

Stronger child-grandparent relationships decrease the symptoms of depression

One study in particular revealed that grandparents and grandchildren who had strong relationships were less likely to develop depressive symptoms. These findings also showed us that you should be careful about doing too much for your grandparents and not wanting anything in return.

While giving them a lift to the store or helping them around the house seems like a good thing, if your grandparents can’t give something back in return, their depressive symptoms are more likely to increase.

Your grandparents would rather be engaged with you rather than have you do everything for them. The research concluded that a fair exchange of support is the best mix to reduce symptoms of depression in older adults.

Children need what grandparents are great at providing

Grandparents provide plenty of kindness, comfort, life-lessons, and unconditional love. All of these thing have profoundly positive effects, on children in particular, and it gives them a better chance of living a happy and healthier life. Not to mention the fact that the effects of hanging out with your grandparents can lengthen their lives which means you get to maximize the amount of time you spend with them!