Sciences proves that height plays a big role in how happy you are in a relationship

While women often want to be with someone who’s taller than them, there has actually been a recent study which shows a taller man could lead to a more joyous relationship. The study looked at 7850 Indonesian people who agreed that the bigger the height difference between a husband and wife, the happier the wife was.

These longings for a taller man wear off after a certain period of time

The same bit of research also noted that couples who had been together for 18 years or over no longer looked at height as being a big factor in their happiness. One of the hypothesized conclusions of this study was that maybe it had something to do with the men’s self-confidence.

Taller men are usually seen as being more attractive and they seem to be more content with life in comparison to shorter men. Another possible conclusion was that women prefer taller men due to their genetics. The bigger the man, the more likely he was to survive and provide for you in ancient times.

This study doesn’t mean finding a taller guy will necessarily make you happy

Each person is unique, and it’s difficult to say that a taller man will make you happier than a shorter man. It really has nothing to do with their personality (unless their self-esteem is affected due to being short). Another study revealed that women didn’t actually feel anymore loved or appreciated when a tall guy shows an interest in them, compared to when a shorter man does.

A shorter man can still make you happy – so guys, there’s nothing to sweat about!

While a taller man has the possibility to make you happier, it doesn’t mean a shorter person cannot do the exact same, if not considerably more. Check out some of these celebs where the guy is shorter than their partner. They look pretty happy to us!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams